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Most office product dealers have an ecommerce package of some sort.  Usually it is what comes with their back end system.  These packages go by names like ECinteractive, Dealer Station, Outpost, OP411, BL5 and Cloud 9 Business Ware.   For the most part they all load wholesalers images and catalog text, they all take orders and they all pass those orders to the dealer somehow. 

Most of these ecommerce systems do a lousy job of selling and marketing for the dealer.  That isn’t their role, they are order takers. 

Stratus Business Solutions work with dealers to build beautiful websites that surround these ecommerce packages and handle the selling role.  Stratus undersatnds the dealer's industry,  we don’t treat the ecommerce package as a separate entity, we embrace it, include it and complement it by matching the look and feel, by linking it in where possible, and by helping the shopper to have a completely pleasant shopping experience. 

Website Design is a multi-step process, including:

  • Research - We start by determining with the dealer what they offer or sell that their customers may not realize or look to the dealer for.  Things like furniture, copiers and printers, technology product, cleaning supplies, breakroom products, printing, ad specialties, rubber stamps and other kinds of products & services are usually areas dealers identify as needing a push and often a shove. 
  • Design - We create a mockup of a website that sells the products and services the dealer wants to ppromote. This process wil hone the actual design through multiple ideas and adjustments, allowing the dealer to see a 'blueprint' of their website.
  • Content - Working together to write text, find images and gather links.  We include the wholesalers at this step because they have lots of great tools and marketing pieces we can include. Creating the content for your web pages, based on your company and the key areas you want to showcase to your customers.