BusinessWare ERP

For too long, office products dealers looking for an ERP or business management system have had to choose between the technology and affordability. Systems that incorporate the latest technology offer more power and flexibility, but are too expensive for many dealers. More affordable solutions usually offer limited feature sets or run on outdated software platforms.

Now office products dealers have a new choice; get latest cloud-based technology and affordable rates with BusinessWare ERP from Stratus. 

BusinessWare is a total solution for business management and online sales. It provides a state-of-the-art back offi¬ce business system and an e-commerce shopping cart in one fully-integrated package.

Back Office Management

Designed specifically for the offi¬ce products industry, BusinessWare gives dealers the tools to service customers and manage internal operations.

For example, BusinessWare offers an order entry module as well as a separate e-commerce shopping cart (see Integrated E-commerce below). The order entry is designed specifically for commercial order entry, not online shopping, to help your customer service reps processes orders and service quickly and efficiently.

Other back office applications and features include:

  • Commercial order entry
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory/warehouse management (including bins)
  • SIF file import for furniture orders
  • Reporting
  • Customer database
  • Item database
  • Vendor database
  • Complete system security
  • Delivery confirmation—display captured signatures on desktops and web site

And, while BusinessWare includes a powerful accounts receivable module, you can also use it with QuickBooks Professional or virtually any other open platform accounting package.

Contracts and Pricing Files

BusinessWare gives you full control of pricing with contracting management tools and support for multiple pricing structures, including discounts, matrix pricing, minimum GP and best pricing.

BusinessWare also supports pricing and item loads from:

  • GSA files
  • S.P. Richards
  • Trimega
  • United Stationers

Integrated e-Commerce

While most office products business systems have some type of Web shopping cart, many of these e-commerce solutions are actually separate software packages that are “bolted on” to the main back office system offer varying degrees of integration.

Not so with BusinessWare; an e-commerce shopping cart is built right into the software. BusinessWare E-commerce offers all of the features you would expect in an e-commerce system, including:

  • Full integration with BusinessWare’s back office applications, including customers, items and pricing
  • Purchasing approval process
  • Favorites list
  • Sales history
  • Security
  • Support for S.P. Richards Enhanced Econtent and United SmartSearch

Technology Platform

BusinessWare’s back office applications and e-commerce shopping cart incorporate advanced programming and Web technologies, including:

  • Microsoft® .NET Framework-based graphical software
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® databases
  • Microsoft® Windows Azure® cloud platform

Plus, a true open-system design provides maximum flexibility and easy integration with other software packages. For example, BusinessWare includes an interface for easy integration with the QuickBooks Professional Accounting system.

You can also create and share custom reports using Crystal Reports or any other SQL-compatible report writer.

BusinessWare: On-Site or In the Cloud

BusinessWare’s advanced technology provides truly flexible deployment, putting you in control of your technology. Run BusinessWare in the cloud as a hosted service or on a local server at your site; the choice is yours.

  • Cloud hosting: Put your entire operation, including your data and e-commerce, in the cloud. Run your business from virtually anywhere; all you need is an Internet connection
  • Hybrid cloud hosting: If you prefer, keep the BusinessWare software and databases on a local server with just your e-commerce system in the cloud
  • Private cloud/local installation: BusinessWare can be run on a local server connected to your internal network and the internet.

This flexible architecture makes BusinessWare is the perfect solution for dealers with multiple locations. Since it was designed to leverage the Internet, it’s easy to run all of your locations through the cloud from one central server.

Find out more about the advanced technology of BusinessWare; email Stratus today or call us at 855-727-2568.