Need artwork, design help or even a new or updated company logo? Stratus can help.

One of the challenges businesses face in developing a professional web presence is content—the words, pictures and graphics that make your site compelling and communicate your message to customers and prospects.

Stratus can help. In addition to website design and development, we offer help in creating graphics, logos or other special content for your site. Available services include:

  • Graphic design or conversion
  • Help in locating and selecting stock photography
  • Charts, tables and business process illustrations
  • Logo and branding development
  • Electronic versions of existing logos

Artwork and Graphic Design

Many small businesses lack the time or expertise to locate or develop web-appropriate graphics. Whether it’s creating customized artwork, helping you select the right photos or designing graphics that effectively communicate specific services or businesses processes, Stratus can take the pain out of content creation and provide just the right images for your new site.

Logos and Branding

Often, when companies move online they find that their graphics challenges aren’t limited to creating new artwork. Sometimes existing graphics such as logos or other critical artwork are in formats that aren’t appropriate for the web, if they are even available in electronic format. Or the graphics may simply be outdated; the launch of a new web site if the perfect time to roll out a fresh, new company logo and branding.

Again, Stratus can help. We can do anything from recreating your existing logo in an electronic, web-friendly format to creating a whole new look for your company; whatever it takes to give your brand a professional, online presence.

Additional Content

Websites are more than just pretty pictures. You also need words to tell your story but creating compelling web copy can also be a hurdle for small businesses. While Stratus specializes in site design and development, we can put you in touch with copy and marketing professionals who understand your industry.

Whether it’s help in developing a marketing strategy to go with your new site, consulting on overall content development, or just providing the right words to bring your story to life, we can provide solutions for your content and marketing challenges.

Find out more: contact Stratus today to discuss your specific content needs.