Website Design Services

Looking Good Online

You know that you want a new, professional-looking website for your business. But what should it look like? What color scheme should you use? What’s the best layout for the home page?

It’s a common problem for small businesses. And, too often, these businesses think their only option is a web design firm. While these firms may turn out good designs, they can also be expensive. And they don’t necessarily understand the specific needs of your industry.

Stratus can help. In addition to building your new website, we can serve as your personal design department. And, unlike web design firms, our industry experience enables us to create designs optimized for the specific needs of office supply, furniture and equipment dealers.

Whether it’s creating a design from scratch or turning your rough concept into a finished product, we will provide a design that: 

  • Reflects your branding and company message
  • Meets current web standards
  • Accommodates corporate and government purchasers
  • Gives you a professional presence on the web

Stratus specializes in helping companies like yours look their best online. Find out more about our design services; email Stratus today or call us at 855-727-2568.