Stratus: Building Better Websites for Dealers and Distributors

Once you’ve settled on the design of your new website, Stratus can turn that vision into digital reality. We offer website development services geared specifically to the needs of office supply, furniture and equipment dealers.

Stratus will turn your designs into fully operational web pages employing current best practices and development methodologies. Stratus will code your site to:

  • Work the way you want
  • Meet current web standards
  • Link with your e-commerce system
  • Support the requirements of large organizations and government agencies
  • Work with mobile devices

eCommerce Integration

Stratus has extensive experience working with industry-specific web storefronts like Britannia E-commerce, Dealer Station, Distributor Station, ECinteractive, is.D-Force, Red Cheetah Outpost, SSiWeb and others. We’ll integrate your new website with your existing e-commerce system, enabling customers to log in right from your home page and providing a seamless shopping experience.

We are also familiar with wholesaler catalogs, flyers, e-content and  video’s and can integrate them directly into your website pages, providing customers with access to product information and search tools throughout your site, not just in your ecommerce system.

Developing for the Real World

One thing that Stratus won’t do is make it harder for your customers to do business with you. Internet browsers like Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others are continually changing as software companies push out new versions with new and improved features. Often, web developers code sites to take advantage of these features without thinking about the real-world consequences.

Because of the effort involved, IT departments in large companies and government agencies upgrade browsers infrequently. As a consequence, these organizations are seldom using the latest browsers; often they are several versions behind.

We design our sites with these limitations in mind. Taking advantage of the latest, greatest features is nice, but we think it’s more important that your customers (particularly the large ones) have a seamless online experience.

Going Mobile

It’s more and more common for business users to access web sites using smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices. With their small screens and differing dimensions, these devices display web pages differently than standard computer monitors. At Stratus, building sites with mobile devices in mind is a standard part of our development practice. But we can also do more.

Businesses who want to make sure that every customer has the best web experience possible are creating mobile-specific versions of their sites that offer the same content and functionality, but optimized for display on mobile devices.

When developing your new website, Stratus can create a mobile version as part of the project —or add a mobile version to your existing site. Whether a customer connects to the site from a regular PC or a mobile device, they will automatically see your content displayed to the best advantage.

Find out more about our website development services; email Stratus today or call us at 855-727-2568.